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De Ruyter & Son specializes in preparing and exporting flower bulbs for the professional cultivation of cut flowers and potted plants. We offer many different types of flower bulbs, ranging from tulips to hyacinths and from daffodils to crocuses, in various shapes, sizes, and colours. With over 120 years of experience, we are the experts in flower bulb preparation and the global export of our flower bulbs. We also offer cell space for rent, allowing you to store your products yourself.

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expert in preparation

During the preparation of our flower bulbs, we simulate winter in a cold storage room. Preparation mainly occurs with bulbs intended for tulip hatchery. This process is essential, as tulips require a cold period for stem elongation and flowering. The developmental stage of the tulip determines the correct temperature and duration of cold storage.

quality & sustainability

At De Ruyter & Son, we strive for the highest quality of our products and have a strong focus on sustainability. With 1610 solar panels on our roof, we generate the majority of our energy ourselves. Our commitment to sustainability is underscored by the global MPS A+ certification.

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of storing & exporting prepared flower bulbs."
Jaap van der Lans - manager

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As a consumer, we refer you to our partner: Tulip Experience Shop. Explore a diverse range of flower bulbs from our own nursery for your garden or balcony at Get inspired and receive valuable tips and instructions for planting your flower bulbs.

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